Our Story, Mission, Vision

Anoma Technologies is established in 2020 as a startup yet it is equipped with experienced consulting and technical professionals who possess deep industry knowledge, ensuring reliable and long-term support across multidisciplinary technologies.

We as a managed service provider are committed to providing the most secure, robust, and cost-efficient services to our customers.

We believe that the best way to achieve outstanding customer service is to really get to know our clients. We aim to build strong, lasting relationships with our clients, based on mutual trust; after all, the better you know someone, the better you can meet their requirements, and eventually, anticipate their needs.

Our Core Values

We believe that bold steps define the future. That the ambition to lead requires the courage to adapt. And that doing the right thing is rarely easy, but always worth it.


We believe in new and Repetitive Innovation, only way to get a new is through innovation and invention. We except creative, innovate ideas from our team and everwhere which helps us to make everything as simple as possible


We thrive to stay next to you on your journey of digital transformation embracing rapidly changing technologies. We believe in results more than on a report, we succeed only when our clients do. Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

Passion & Commitment

We have a passion towards our client’s success and a commitment with the highest level of professionalism and ethics in everything in us.

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